Seafile Upgrade from 7.0.5 to 7.1.5

Dear specialists,
the upgrade process failed because in my DB-credentials password was an ‘%’-character, that threw an error while upgrading. I tried to change it, while processing, with no luck.

Can anybody please help, how I can revert back to my working 7.0.5 version.
Is it possible to reinstall seafiler-server completely and then point to the old database and filestorage-path?

Thank you for your support,

seafile manual install:
ubuntu server 16.04

I solved the upgrade process. Just wanted to report, that if there is a ‘%’ sign in the mysql-db-password the upgrade to 7.1.5 will fail.

Thanks for the hint! This should probably be added to the upgrade notes for 7.1 @daniel.pan

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Yes, pls mark as solved. Thanks a lot.

you can mark it as solved!