Seafile using all folders in library (Windows 10)

I move files between folders in a library all the time (e.g. when finishing up a folder in “Open,” move to “Close.”).

Out of the blue, I am now unable to do that. I get the default Windows error message of “File or Folder is in use by a program, cannot move or delete.”

Closing Seafile client allows me to move the file or folder.

Everything is synced, and we appear to have no other issues. How can I stop seafile from “using” all of it’s files?

Is this behavior occurring with all folders or one folder in particular? Have you tried looking in the resource monitor to see which files Seafile has locked when it’s running?

While idle, seafile-applet.exe may hold open some files in Seafile-Data, Program Files and possibly a Windows system file, but that’s it. As long as the files you are trying to move aren’t stored in any of those folders, you should be allowed to move them freely. You might have to watch the Resource Monitor for a few minutes to watch what seafile-applet is up to.

It is occurring with every file and folder inside my Seafile library.

The process locking it is “seaf-daemon.exe”

Everything outside the library is unaffected.

I want to do a re-install, but I don’t trust it not to begin re-syncing (which I cannot do at the moment due to my awful internet)

seaf-daemon is what handles the behind the scenes work when syncing. It’s only supposed to be activated when sync operation kicks in. It handles updates to the local seafile index, accesses the master file table, and accesses several files in the seafile-data folder. Most all of these are reads rather than writes. Any way you can screen shot the seaf-daemon stats in the resource monitor and provide them here?

Also, some other thoughts here. In the folders you are trying to move, are any of those particular folders set as the sync folder for a library, such as a subfolder synced to a library?

And, as for the seafile folder itself, I know you can move the seafile-data folder, nor is it wise to even try moving folders that are set up to sync with Seafile. Folders inside a library, as long as those folders don’t contain subfolders that are synced to a library, are all working fine for me when I move them.

Did this happen after an update to seafile or anything? There could be dozens of things wrong, but your resource monitor is the best place to figure out what’s locked.