Seafile v8.0.17, log4j

I have seen in the release notes that there is a new version v8.0.17

8.0.17 (2021/01/08)

  • [fix] Remove JndiManager.class, JmsAppender.class and SmtpAppender.class from log4j jar in bundled ElasticSearch
  • [fix] Fix a bug in insert file from library in Markdown editor
  • [fix] Fix a crash bug in real-time backup service

Shouldn’t the date read 2022/01/08 ?

Is this version now safe to use and does not expose the log4j vulnerability?

Unfortunately I can not find the 8.0.17 pro version in the download section - it is missing.
The latest v8 I can download is 8.0.16 - will 8.0.17 be published soon?

Thanks for clarifying these 3 questions

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Thanks for pointing out the issue.


It has been uploaded now.

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Thanks a lot Daniel
good to know what this latest v8 version is safe to use regarding log4j :slight_smile: