Seafile сервер на windows 2012R2 работает не понятно

Installed the server on Windows 2012R2 when there were few users everything worked well. Recently connected 20 more and the server just started slowly authenticating users. To go to the web takes about 5-6 minutes. What could be the problem?

Do you use SQLite database? Switch over to MySQL / MariaDB with that amount of users.

What was set as the default in the article. We have not linux and Windows. I do not even know how to see what we have mysql . But there is article to look and how to change to a different version? And from the version depends on the number of users and will be the brakes with access?

Can the documentation or link how to do it? If we have a version of Windows but I have not found it SQLlite

Note: Seafile Windows server is not suitable to be used in an environment with more than 25 users. In the latter case, please use Seafile Linux server.

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Usanovic Ubuntu 16.04 established in the instructions and everything is run. Much faster with MySql and especially on Linux.
Added 8 users and they joined the service up. Helps to restart the services. The server is on ESXI 5.5 . And this happened again 3 times. Maybe there are limitations on virtualization?

Which Hypervisor do you use?

ESXI 5.5 .
Morning noticed the problem. Everything works and the server and apache. But often falls off 8000 port. I reboot seahub and everything works for some time. Then again, everything falls off. Any idea why ? Can have someone this was

Do you tunnel the VM trough the host or does the VM have a own ip adress?

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