Seafile with Keycloak in Docker

So there is already a great manual for setting up keycloak with seafile via a normal installation without docker
sso-seafile-keycloak/ . Is this manual still up to date with Keycloak 19.x? Because Docker containers are volatile I can’t edit the Can I add the values via Docker environment variables?

Which manual do you mean? is stored in the mounted volume, you can change it directly.

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Thanks for the help. I forgot that there is already a volume mount. I took the information from this url: aHR0cHM6Ly9kZS5zZWFmaWxlLmNvbS9zc28tc2VhZmlsZS1rZXljbG9hay8K (echo string | base64 --decode). Unfortunately I cannot post links because my account is too new, so please use the command in paranthesis to decode the url.
I only have one problem left. Seafile should create an account if I login with a new keycloak account that Seafile isn’t aware of. But it should not work when I register via the Seafile website. That means registering should be disabled except it comes from keycloak.
Otherwise I could also simply create an account via the admin ui. The only thing that should matter is the email of the registered user correct? Thanks again for your help. That is very appreciated.

P.S.: The described procedure of adding keycloak to Seafile is still current. The only thing that changed in the base configuration with KC 19 is that the /auth/ directory was removed. So just leave this in all urls out and it should work.

Decoded link: Single Sign-On mit Seafile und Keycloak | Seafile


It was actually a layer 8 problem. I forgot to adapt the dns server in my local network. So the server reached out to the cloudflare server which returned the ip address of the router.

It would be great to add that we need to configure the email mapper and update the keycloak images to KeycloakV2 theme. It looks very different now.