Seafile with Object Storage & backup

Does anyone have any experience with seafile with an “object storage backend”?
Is it stable? Many problems/errors?
Any thoughts on using OVH as a backend? Are there perhaps any other providers that provide that kind of service?


It’s stable and so far there has been no problems.
There’s little delay after sending file before it starts sending next one that I didn’t notice when using seafile with hard disk, but with OVH object storage I’m also using the encryption so that might be the cause.
Also indexing files takes little longer, but once again it might just be the encryption.

If you are looking for openstack swift providers:

Also some s3 compatible object storage’s might work

Ok thanks.

I’m am running a dedicated server at Hetzner. I was thinking about setup up a VPS at OVH with an object storage in stead of a dedicated server for the backup of the seafile server (via Another solution is to backup the seafile server, no VPS and only an object storage (backup via rsync).

Which option would be best? For the record: the real time backup works very good, but does not - as far as I know - allow to use the garbage cleaner.

For the object storage I can choose between:

I can choose between “Object Storage” and “Cloud Archive” .

Object Storage
Triple replication
Free incoming traffic
Outgoing traffic: £0.011 ex. VAT/GB
Data: £0.007 ex. VAT/month/GB

Cloud Archive
Incoming traffic: £0.008 ex. VAT/GB
Outgoing traffic: £0.008 ex. VAT/GB
Data: £0.0016 ex. VAT/month/GB
Although it doesn’t mention “replication” it mentions "Each file is stored several times inside a redundant infrastructure. What’s more, an automated system is constantly ensuring the integrity of your data. Each file is divided into several fragments and each fragment is written within a different storage unit. If a missing fragment is detected, it’s automatically rebuilt through a specific algorithm that uses the other fragments. ".

I have about 1TB of data.

Which option would be best?

I’d use the hetzner dedi (just use raid 1)

Also I’d use the object storage cause the archive is cold storage so it could take hours to get your files.

If you just need to host 1tb of file I can do that for you on my personal server for the 0.01e/gb/month price. Just DM me

The Hetzner server is configured in raid 1.

No the seafile files are all the files in fs, commit, etc. It’s not a file of 1 TB. The purpose is that the production seafile server replicates continuously to the backup server.

Yes I know, but with OVH object storage the data is triplicated (commits, fs and blocks) and you are only backing up MySQL DB and the seafile config

So you wouldn’t backup the seafile data? Wouldn’t that be “dangerous”?

Well if disk dies from my server raid 1 saves me and seafile configs & mariadb databases and then they just replace the dead disk=raid 1 again.

And backing up data from the ovh object storage is just nuts since it’s already triplicated

True. Thanks for the help!

A SDS can also die! I would never ever recommend to skip a backup for production if the containing data is not disposable.

I would rather like to see a build in feature to backup to another object storage for backup “snapshots”.

It is included as (seafile backup server).

Well I mean with raid 1 or 5 you already have the “backup”

How do you mean? Raid is no backup!

I mean long as you remember to get new disk when one dies and wait till the raid rebuilds you should basically be fine (especially when it’s just configs that are on that server, not the actual data)

With raid 1 one can easily have a dataloss. Eg. when the second disk fails on rebuild. There could also be a software failure leading to deletion of files or someone could hack the server. In all those cases it’s good to have a backup.


Thank you for all your advice. Which VPS would you use to function as real time backup server for 6 users?

Would this be enough to handle it?

OpenStack KVM
1 vCore(s)
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10

Yes, it would be.


Slower storage backend would also be fine. Raid 6 or similar.

OVH. VPS + Object Storage (Cloud Archive) for backup.

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I’m a bit confused about the Openstack Storage. It does not create directories but puts the directory in the file.

 1156 2017-12-05 19:10:04.050027032 ce7651f9-504c-4afe-9e1c-d5c20c56ac0f/00/31ed9b16d07fda087ead4eee1e97326286d075
 2924 2017-11-29 18:38:36.137884300 ce7651f9-504c-4afe-9e1c-d5c20c56ac0f/00/2f49706d198ac9f4ae1f95a55dbcaf3f75054a
 4534 2017-11-10 15:38:49.456354819 ce7651f9-504c-4afe-9e1c-d5c20c56ac0f/00/32d6faa9a65c72d815d6a2fa03409314465ea9
11214 2018-01-27 07:48:59.885514235 ce7651f9-504c-4afe-9e1c-d5c20c56ac0f/00/336676930f931baab035f495c4bc71928bf76c

If you need to restore a complete container, does it recreate the directories?