SeafilePro 6.3.14 (not containerized) upgrade to 7.1.14 Docker


I planing to migrate from the cluster of SeafilePro 6.3.14 (not containerized) to the docker version of SeafilePro 7.1.14.

I have a few doubts - can I ask some questions?:

  1. Whether SeafilePro 7.1.14 Docker can be installed in the cluster version?
  2. When migrating from SeafilePro 6.3.14 (not containerized), should I first switch to Docker 6.3.14 and then upgrade to 7.1.14?
  3. How to cluster a database (MariaDB) in the Docker version?

Best regards,
Krzysztof Wadówka
PSNC Poland.