Seahub can't start

root@powerspec:/opt/seafile/seafile-pro-server-8.0.0# ./ start

LC_ALL is not set in ENV, set to en_US.UTF-8
Starting seahub at port 8000 …

Seahub is started


pgrep -f “seahub” shows nothing and no web on 8000

I checked seafile.log, seahub.log but no error.

Debian 10, MySQL 8, seafile-pro-server_8.0.0_x86-64_Ubuntu.tar.gz

I solved the problem. It turns out 8000 was occupied. It might be a bug that seahub (maybe seafile too) doesn’t report occupied port.

@Paris_Liu: What did you do to resolve the port 8000 conflict?

Doesn’t PHP-FPM normally listen on port 8000?