Seahub fails to start again (after reboot of Ubuntu 24.04)

I was running 10.x and it was working fine. After a system reboot seahub fails again to start without leaving anything in the seahub.log. After verify that all python dependencies are setup and correct still same issue.
As of desparation I decide to upgrade to 11.06 - hoping it might solve the issues. So followed the installation and upgrade manual - again installing verifying all python depencies still seahub will not start.
No error show in seahub.log. Last entry there:
[INFO] seafevents.db:69 create_engine_from_conf [seafevents] database: mysql, name: seahub-db

When starting the seahub service you get the usual useless error: “seahub.service: Failed with result ‘exit-code’.”

Is the any possiblity to check why seahub fails to start? Any debug info possible? I’m really lost!

At the end I finally found on how to debug seahub (as start-fastcgi does not work anymore as option):
You need to edit and change daemon = True into = False.
When you then start seahub (./ start) it gives you meaningful error message. In my case I had a staled file. After I delete it I could start seahub again!

However trying now to start as a service failed few times. But after few attempts this worked again as well (no idea why).

So all well and running… puh