Seahub - Folder sorting

Hello Seafile Community,

I am using Seafile 5.1.3 on a windows PC.
All works fine and also performs very good.

I only have one question regarding the web frontend seahub:
When I open a library in the browser, the folder names are sorted from Z-A, why are they not sorted from A-Z? Of course I am able to change this, but in the next session the folders are again from Z-A.

Best regards,

If you use the latest 5.1.x version, seahub should remember the sorting choice you used last time.

Thank you for your fast reply.

I am using version 5.1.3 but the sorting choice is after a couple of hours Z-A again.

I have the same Problem, but only for one specific folder. All others are fine

I just checked it again: all folders are form Z-A, after I change one of them to A-Z, then are all fine.

A parameter to set the default would be nice. Z-A is very strange. A-Z as a default would be better IMHO.

I made a github issue a few months ago concerning this problem. But I’m not sure whether it was the right repository:

The problem is still there on Seafile 6.0.0 beta.

The Seahub repo would probably be the best location for the bug-report:

Yes you are right, I’ll know that for the next time. Fortunately the issue was solved with Seafile 6.0.X. :slight_smile: