Seahub Log Files No Longer Generated

Since using fast-cgi seahub log files are no longer being generated in /var/log/nginx . config file is still set to store log files in this location.

Permissions/owner are set to:

-rw-r----- 1 www-data adm

Can anyone provide some suggestions?


What versions are you using? OS, Seafile, Nginx?

Does the adm group have the permissions to write to those logs?

If you access the server from a web browser/client there are no entries in /var/log/nginx/access.log or /var/log/nginx/seahub.access.log?

There should be something in one of the two files. I could have wrong with the path, so you may need to adjust to your setup.

Just speculating…www-data user or the adm group may not have the correct permissions to write to the log files. Which user is running Nginx? Do they have the correct permissions in the adm group? You could try to change the permissions of the logs to who owns Nginx, eg. nginx:nginx.

I’m using the following versions:

OS: Debian 8.1
Seafile: 6.0.4
nginx 1.6.2

I believe I found the origin of the problem. A few weeks ago, the volume containing /var became full . I freed up space on the volume, but the log files have not been created since the date the volume became full. Should I archive these log files and let Nginx create new ones?

Thanks again

I would do a “sudo apt-get clean” to free up what I could, if you haven’t already. Eventually, you may want to expand that volume since that volume can take a hit during system updates and log writes. On boxes I setup, I like to keep /var at least 1G at minimum. I’m not too familiar with Debian and how it operates, tho.

I’m not sure as to why your logs are not updating since you’ve cleaned up some space, but the log files should be written to regardless that the volume was full once upon a time. If the current logs are bare or unimportant, it shouldn’t hurt anything to move them to another directory, as backup, then wait to see if the new logs populate.

For a little extra info…has anything changed in your setup that may lead to as why you’re having issues? Package updates, config changes system wide, do you happen to be running multiple web apps with Nginx?

Are you opposed to updating to the current stable release? Both the Pro and Community are a ways past 6.0.4. I don’t think it’ll help your situation, but it’s not a bad idea to run the most current supported software.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I haven’t made any changes in several weeks, so I just upgraded nginx and Seafile server to 6.2.3 . I also rotated the logs, but no new log files have been created by Seahub or nginx.

/var has several gigs available, so I don’t think that’s a problem

Are any of the log files populating in your /seafile_dir/seafile-server-latest/logs location? If so, this might be more of a Nginx issue and not necessarily a Seafile issue.

I would check to see if the user/group running Nginx has the correct permissions to write to the log files.