Seahub on a subdomain or non-Root-Dirctory on Port 80


I’m using Seafile for many years now. Always listening to my domain on Port 8000. But some clients cannot access the seahub page. I think many companies seem to restrict access to port 8000.

So I want to run Seahub on a subdomain or another directory like “” - but on port 80.
I tried to do it with the manual … but it simply does not work and I don’t know why.

I’ve got the latest (6.32) Seafile installed and have got CentOS 7 running.
What do I have to do to let this work?

Kind regards

First you have to post some info. This is just “It not work, heko me!”. So can you check HTTP server logs and also seafile logs what they are saying and post here errors?

Do you know that v6.3.2 removed fastcgi mod so you have to run seafile server in WSGI?