Seahub only starts as root (Linux)

Server 6.2.15 Pro running on Ubuntu Server 16.04 - I’m not using fastcgi.

I’m pulling out what remains of my hair!

Seahub has started to barf when the server is rebooted or seafile restarted manually. There is nothing in the logs to indicate what is wrong. But it starts, and Seafile behaves, when it is run as root. It worked fine when I set the server up in January so something has changed either in an Ubuntu apt update or upgrading Seafile from an earlier version.

All Seafile files and directories are owned by seafile:seafile

I’ve gone over the nginx config files and run nginx -s reload multiple times.

Any ideas anyone?

Since you started Seafile as root you have possibly changed /tmp/seahub_cache to be owned by root. The consequence of which is when run with the Seafile user it can no longer write. Delete /tmp/seahub_cache and restart the server.


Thanks for the reply @Sledgehammer - unfortunately it makes no difference.

Clearly it’s a ownership and/or permissions issue somewhere but I’m blowed if I can find it :frowning:

I’m experiencing the same issue. I want my installation to run as seafile, and this works for the seafile service. However, I cannot get seahub to start if I try to run it as user seafile. There are no errors given, and the only thing that is different in the configuration is what user I am running the service as.