Seahub stops accepting logins; bug or misconfiguration?

Hey, all!

I’ve been experiencing some weirdness with Seafile. It seems to work great for a time, but then it just stops working. Specifically, it stops accepting logins. And when I rebeoot Seafile, I get an incorrect message about this being the first time I’ve started Seafile…

More details here -

Does this seem to be a bug or a misconfiguration? Any ideas on how I might resolve this? Thank you! :slight_smile:

It is most likely a permission problem with the database. Do you use SQLite as database?

Hi, Daniel! Thanks for your response. We use MySQL (technically, MariaDB which is a drop-in MySQL replacement).

The weird thing is it works just fine for a week or two, and then it just stops working. Are there permissions that are associated with this kind of behavior? I’m stumped!