Seahub using port 80 and 443

I am trying to use port 80 changing parameters on ccnet.conf and seahub.conf files but it always use port 8000…
Even if I have an Apache server running, I would like to can use seahub like web server directly, without other web server doing reverse proxy and with https protocol too.

I am not sure I understand what you what. On one hand, you talk about Apache, then you mention that you don’t want to use Seafile “without other web server”. Hence my answer is a bit vague.

Seafile needs a web server so you can interact with it via a browser. When you download Seafile from the download site, Seafile comes bundled with gunicorn, a lightweight web server.

Gunicorn supports SSL/TLS, but it is complicated. It is better to use a web server as reverse proxy. I recommend nginx, but Apache is fine too. Accessing Seafile on port 80 or 443 is possible. No problem at all!

Please have a look at the install instructions in the manual. If this does not work, why don’t you post your ccnet.conf and your apache conf files here?

Lastly, this is not a feature request. This is a support request.

Sorry if I have not explained myself well. I think it is a new feature if you can to use the Gunicorn built in with SSL/TLS and if you can use port 80 instead of port 8000.

By other side I think Apache conf file is not updated or well configurated on manual, because I can login Seafile through Apache like a reverse proxy but I can’t upload or download files.

I have revised a lot of post about this but I haven’t found a clear and working answer. This issue I will post on support section.