Seahub will not start after hard power off

@daniel.pan - Any help with this?

Seahub will not start after hard shutdown. UPS completely died causing the server to turn of without shutting down properly.
Seafile Pro 5.1.10
Apache HTTPS

Django errors

@Robbie the last line give you the indication: Unknown system variable 'storage_engine'

This is because an upgrade of mysql to version 5.7, not due to the crash.

Modify /conf/ from:

'init_command': 'SET storage_engine=INNODB',


'init_command': 'SET default_storage_engine=INNODB',

Is mysql running?

I had a problem with mysql starting after forced shutdown, I think mysql lock file needs to be removed or renamed and mysql started.

Hope this helps.

That works thats Seafile back up and running with no problems.

Thank You.

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