Seahub won't start after configuring email server settings

My server works well as-is, with everything set up except for the email server. The problem is, when I add to the following lines:

EMAIL_HOST =        # smpt server
EMAIL_HOST_USER = ''    # username and domain – empty
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = ''    # password – empty

seahub won’t restart at all. I even tried adding “EMAIL_USE_TLS = False”, then “EMAIL_USE_TLS = True”. According to what I’ve read on the internet so far, misconfigured email settings should only cause failiure to send emails. not preventing the whole server from starting.

I’ve also checked to see that i can telnet from my server to that email host on that port.

Any advice on how to proceed?

Hi dalonsop,

your contains wrong or bad formated entries. This prevents seahub from starting.
Please try to start seahub with the parameter “fastcgi” to get more information about what is wrong. start-fastcgi
This will not start seahub but will tell you what is wrong.
I am quite sure that seahub will say: malformated EMAIL_HOST. It has to be EMAIL_HOST = ‘…’.

As soon as fixed the problem you can start seahub with start.

Best regards

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Yes, syntax errors in .py files will stop Python from running the app. Good hint on using start-fastcgi as a diagnostic tool!