Search fails in both app and web browser

We are using Seafile server v7.0.19 on Linux and client 7.0.9 in Windows. Search has not worked since we upgraded the server from v6.x to v7.0.9. Search fails using both the Cloud File Browser app and the web version with Chrome. The web browser version hangs with a spinning circle that does not stop. The app says “Failed to get the information. Please retry” I would upload screenshots but I cannot figure out how upload an image to this post.

I am a relative newbie as a Seafile admin. Can anyone point in a fruitful direction?

Thanks in advance.

Most problem with search is the Java version. Seafile uses an older version of Elasticsearch which needs Java 1.8. If you have a newer version it does not work.

Sorry to be such a newbie. This is another sysadmin who usually handles Seafile setup.

Can someone tell me how to check the Java version that Seafile/Elasticsearch is using. I can ssh into the server with admin but do not know where to look to determine the Java version.

java -version

should show

If not you need to install openjdk 1.8 in addition to what you have.
With “update-java-alternatives --list” you will see which versions are installed.
And with “sudo update-alternatives --config java” you get a list and can define which java to use.

1.8 installed

I guess I need to explore other options

I am still chasing this search failure issue. Getting acquainted with the logs. Can anyone tell me in which of the logs search events and/or issues are recorded?