Search in Finder doesnt work with SeaDrive

Unfortunately, the search function in the Finder does not work in connection with SeaDrive.
After entering a search term, not a single file appears. Have I not set a check mark somewhere, or is this feature not implemented?
The following versions are used:
Seafile Drive Client 2.0.18
Server Version: 8.0.7
macOS Monterey: 12.0.1

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I have now installed a Finder alternative called “Fork Lift 3” and it works. I will use this programme from now on. Many thanks for Seafile!


Yes searching in Finder requires support for Spotlight. We tried before but it’s makes SeaDrive unstable so we disable it.

The solution would be do send search requests from Spotlight to Seafile server.

DEVON EasyFind is also pretty useful.

EasyFind finds files and folders by name, content, tags, or comments using advanced Boolean operators, wildcards, phrases, even regular expressions. It does not require indexing, is fast, and uses very little memory. It is also free.