Seatable CardDAV Support?


I’m not sure if I can post about SeaTable here or if this is strictly Seafile support, but SeaTable is based on SeaFile so it’s related maybe? (also there is no SeaTable email or forum).

SeaTable as a self-hosted replacement to AirTable is awesome, I’ve been looking for this for a couple years, happy it’s out and there’s a cloud version so I don’t have to worry about setting it up myself.

My feature request is; would it be possible to have CardDAV sync support with SeaTable? I’d love to use this as a simple CRM where I can see all my contacts easily and also make sure I’m reaching out to people in a timely manner. But it would be super useful to have this sync via CardDAV so I could also update information on my phone, etc. when I’m out in the wild.

Hope it will be implemented one day! Thanks!

We will have a separate forum for SeaTable within a few weeks.

If your need is to update information on mobile, CardDAV is not a must. You can a web browser to open a base in SeaTable and modify the records. SeaTable supports mobile browsers.