SeaTable -- Spreadsheet meets database

We are pleased to announce a new product developed by our team, SeaTable!

SeaTable is a new application that combines spreadsheet with database. It allows you to manage many kinds of information as easily as a spreadsheet, while being as powerful as a dedicated information management application. With APIs and SDKs, you may quickly adapt SeaTable to your use cases, automate data processing and business processes.

The original idea was to add online collaboration table feature to Seafile. Later it evolved into a separate project. Seafile is an open source self-hosted file sync and share solution, which help you to manage unstructured data. On the complementary, SeaTable helps you to manage structured data.

You can use SeaTable either by self-hosting or by the cloud version. The cloud version is currently a demo only, but it will soon be transferred to our partner and production ready.


The project seems very interesting ! Unfortunately, the main component is proprietary and this is a no-go for me (and I guess a lot of other users).


Sounds like you created a Microsoft Access clone.

Curious, what does it bring that is different from Access?

You can think it as a modernized Microsoft Access in the following sense:

  1. Use web technology instead of desktop technology
  2. Collaboration editing
  3. End-user oriented interface
  4. Work in realtime way
  5. Can be extended using Javascript, Python SDKs or Restful APIs
  6. Notifications rules, comments, timeline, calendar, gallery and many more features that make it more than just a database

Is there a forum yet for SeaTable?

A forum for SeaTable will be ready in July.

When you say “transferred” - data that’s entered in the demo version will transferred over as well?
Would you be able to email users when the transfer is occurring so I can backup my SeaTable files just in case?

Yes. It will be transferred.

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Hey Mercury,
the seatable forum is now online:
Best regards

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Good news! Thank you for the heads-up.