See full error in file sync issues?

How do I see the full errors to fix the files in my Seafile library? I cannot resize anything in the below image to make the text longer. Nor can I hover to show it.


I also tried looking through the seafile.log and applet.log and was not able to find these errors anywhere.

I believe it’s “Path contains illegal characters”, (possibly with some additional text) i.e., check whether any of the characters mentioned here are in the filename:

I know that’s not the question you asked, maybe it still helps you anyway.

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The folder it’s mentioning has hundreds of files, but luckily only a few have changed recently. I will give it a try. Would be nice to figure out how to read the full logs still, even if it involves from SQLite table reading or something.

EDIT: Was able to find a couple files with :large transferred from Android. Thanks!