Selfsigned certs with LineageOS 14.1


i want to use a seafile server on my private server at home.
I want to use selfsigned certs, but the seafile app (android LineageOS 14.1) say not trusted and another app (Synchronize Ultimate) reports the error:
ion: Trust anchor for certification path not found.
I have signed the the certs with a self created root CA and i have imported the public root key.
Furthermore i tried it with Android 6 and it works fine with both apps (Seafile and Synchronize Ultimate)


Are you sure the certificate has been imported properly? Afaik there are multiple stores for different kinds of certificates and only some will be used for tls connections.


Yes i think so.
I had imported it in the same way as i did with the Android 6 device.
Furthermore i tried it to install for Apps/VPN and after this for WLAN.
I havent’t more options to import a certificate
In the picture you can see, that the certificate are been installed


When you go to seahub using your browser does that work (using your mobile)?


No that doesn’t work, with the Android 6 device too.
But i think Browser use their own certificate stores, don’t they?

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Possibly this could be the issue


No it doesn’t.
I use already a certificate with the CA:TRUE Mark


Did you solve the problem?
I have the same issue.

Any ideas how to enable Seafile Android to upload fotos with self-signed-certificated https Seafile server?

I remebered, that it worked fine till middle of March.
Reinstalled former version 2.2.1 - and it works!

Question: where is the best place to tell Bugs?


2.2.3 has several bugs. This one has already been reported numerous times. The Android Play Store is the official place to download the latest stable version, which is 2.2.1.