Send email with share link: no interface anymore?

There was a nice feature in the Web GUI interface by sharing of files and directories:
it was possible to send via email a generated share link with some comment.
We did not found the feature since 6.3.6 pro (linux).
Was it done on purpose? or we forgot to set some parameter?

Thank you already!

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This feature has been removed in 6.3.x

I haven’t seen it in the changelogs ( ).
Can we know the reason to remove this feature? Is it permanent?

Strange. I’m using 6.3.7 and this feature is there–I just tested it to be sure.

I‘m sure i was reading this in one version announcement in the forum.

Are you sure? Did you clear the browser Cache?

Well, I entered some random text in the email box and I received an email message with that text. Pretty certain it was sent by our Seafile Pro server.

Are we talking about the same thing???

From the web interface…

  1. Click on the SHARE icon for a file.
  2. Click GENERATE to create a link to the file.
  3. Click the SEND button. I’m prompted with a place to enter the email address (sendto) and a message to send.
  4. Enter an email address and a message.
  5. Click SUBMIT button to send the email.

Yeah, but there is no such button on 6.3.7 Pro, see:

Hmmmm. I have a SEND button that seems to be missing in your screen shot. I wonder if there is some SMTP server setting that missing on your end?


I’m also using 6.3.7 pro. I’m installed on ubuntu 16.04 if that helps.


Have you configured e-mail parameter ?? Please check and verify with the below manual link. If you have configured the email service then only it will be appeared otherwise by default send will be not visible.

@ziyaul121 @F360mf1

Of course we have configured mail settings, it worked with 6.2.x and we did not change anything regarding mails.

I have to say that we had a lot of problems going from 6.2 to 6.3. Once we got 6.3.7 working, I’m a little nervous to update to newer releases. @marcusm, it sounds like you are having trouble as well. Wish I could be of more help. Best of luck.

go to the site of seafile demo you will see that the link to send an email exists me I use version 6. 3. 9 and the link does not work either I am in the same case as you and I would like to understand why it does not work

the link to generate a sharing email works when I disable these settings in I have not yet looked at what was bug, but it comes from here
seafile server pro 6.3.9 debian9


Thanks @Cisco and @F360mf1! Yes we use this feature, this could be the reason. @daniel.pan please have a look!

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Thank you, this is the correct solution, the permission can_send_share_link_mail should be set to True for the corresponding USER role.

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