Server 8.0.5: Code 405 "Method POST not allowed" from Web API

I tried to create a new library via the web api as documented in the seafile documentation /web-api/v2.1/

But a result I got a HTTP code 405 and the reply is
“detail”: “Method “POST” not allowed.”

I copy-pasted the sample curl command from the above documentation, then replaced host name and auth token.
Other api calls like listing libraries, getting upload-link and uploading a file to an existing library work just fine.

I’m running the official docker image via the docker-compose.yml from the documentation.

How can I create a new library via the web api?


Found a solution by human fuzzing: The web api documentation is not even close to reality. The url is


and the parameter is

-d "name=new_repo"

Could somebody please point me to the sources for this documentation? I didn’t find it on github.


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