Server resources tuning

  • Environment:
  • Server: Professional Edition v. 7.1.6
  • Platform: Linux

Question: Is there a way to evaluate whether the resources in terms of RAM and CPU allocated for the Server are enough to handle the clients load?

Apparently our virtual server is not overloaded (RAM/CPU) but we are concerned about, for example, available sockets for HTTP connections. Is it possible to have a tuning guide according to the number of possible concurrent clients connections?

Can you please move this question into the Seafile server section?

A general estimation is:

  • For less than 2000 named users, 1 server with 4 cores and 8GB ram
  • For 5000 named users, 2 front end servers with 4 cores and 8GB ram each
  • For 10k named users, 2 front end servers with 8 cores and 16GB ram each
  • For more, you can add 2 8 cores 16GB ram servers for every 10k named users