Service start seafile-server (Pro 6.0.4) not relative?

Followed the documentation, config files and symlinks all working, works (kinda), when I run the startup script from bash on the box, but I want to automatically deploy. There is something wrong with the /etc/init.d/seafile-server script, but I don’t know what. I call it from chef with ‘sudo service seafile-server restart’
and I get:

 About to perform restart for seafile at 2017-02-04T02:05:18+0000 

seafile server not running yet
<deploy folder>/seafile/ccnet/seafile.ini not found. Now quit

That folder and file, …/seafile/ccnet/seafile.ini is most definitely there.

Running from the folder cd …/seafile/seafile-server-latest/
./ start
I get:

Seafile server started

I don’t understand why one works and the other does not. I am not that good with bash, please help me trace this error?

Ok, figured it out. The user name that I was assigning in the script didn’t have permissions to view the file it was looking for. The script overrode the user that was actually running the script, and that did have permissions.