Set chronology quota

I’m using seafile server free 6.2.5. I’d like a way to set a user quota without considering the quota used for the chronology. Now instead that limit is also taken by the chronology.

So for example if I have a limit of 10 GB and a chronology of 30 days. And I only put my outlook pst file in it (2 GB) it says quota full and I can’t sync the updated new file, because seafile server keeps counts also of the space used by chronology inside the quota limit.

So if the case is just one file it is simply avoidable increasing the limit. But If I’d like a more accurate space management, wouldn’t be nice to set a separate chronology quota instead?

Any ideas set this up?

The space for history snapshots isn’t counted.


That seems wierd to me, I’m gonna dig more into the problem

Ok. I think the problem is not the chronology quota, as @bionade24 correctly pointed out.

If I have 10 GB quota and an Outlook .pst of 6 GigaBytes. It will not update since it will not have free space to upload the “new” .pst: it will delete the “old” one only after uploading the newer one.

Is this correct?

If this is the case I will need to double up the space needed to sync the big file, .e.g. more than 12 GB.

Don’t know, seems so. Does it work like this @daniel.pan and @shoeper?

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