Set location of Log files (Missing seahub.log)

Hi everybody,

I recently wanted to set up a daily mail with the information about the last logins/attempts. While at it, I a also wanted to configure fail2ban.

While doing this I noticed that I can´t find the necessary seahub.log file. I couldn´t find any information where I could set the path for this particular Log. The ccnet.log, controller.log and seafile.log files are in the default seafile/logs directory.
So what is the default path for this file and is there a way to define another one?

I am running seafile-server 5.1.3 on Arch Linux.

Thanks for your help!

I have two seahub log files.

One is in the log-Folder of seafile
The other one is generated by nginx at /var/log/nginx/seahub.access.log

Had the same problem. Simply touch seafile/logs/seahub.log and chown seafile:seafile seafile/logs/seahub.log. Even as empty log file fail2ban will use it and start.