Setting up Pro Version with SQLite

I am new to Seafile. I want to install the Pro version for use by 2 users initially. I assume Sqlite will be faster in terms of performance. How can I install the Pro version with Sqlite? What do I download? What is the easiest process to set it up?

If I use SQLite, would this affect the use of Dynamic DNS or using a service like Pagekite?


Hi Yogaman,
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The Pro Edition requires MySQL/MariaDB. (Why should Sqlite be faster?)
For installation instructions, please have a look at the Seafile manual:
You can download Seafile Pro from the Seafile Customer Center at
I am not familiar with Pagekite, but I know that your database choice and the use of DynDNS have nothing to do with each other.

Can you help clarify the following?: The instructions say “For Seafile Professional Server, you will have to download the package prior to the installation and save it to /opt/.”

Then there is a linux command for Ubuntu:

cd /root
wget --no-check-certificate … /seafile-7.1_ubuntu
bash seafile-7.1_ubuntu 7.1.0

So do I just execute this command, or do I have to first create /opt/ and download it to that?

Look at the script first. In case you’ve got other software installed on the server it could be better to install Seafile manually. See

I have a new install of ubuntu server 18.04. There is some other software installed, but I don’t need it. Would it conflict?

I tried to install using the command cd /root
wget --no-check-certificate https. … /raw.githubusercontent…

However, I get the message 404 Not Found.

No need to go through the networking stack, manage authentication, connections and worry about concurrency. This will only start to matter once you add enough users, as seafile stores most of its filesystem on disk directly.