Setting up SeaDoc(or Libre) on Seafile Pro 10.0.11

Hi there,

I am having a few issues with documents being viewable on the web, so I was looking into an integration that can be used with Seafile to have a web-based editor/viewer.

I have seen in the past about Libre being used, but looking into it - I want to keep it as native as possible; but I had also noticed that SeaDoc is only supported on Seafile 11.#.

I am only able to find a download for the 10.0.12 Pro Version?

Any assistance or advice on how to set this up, would be much appreciated!

FYI - I am running Seafile through a Repo setup (NOT DOCKER!)

Kind Regards,

I have got Collabora-Online (Libre Office) working using a docker container setup on the same server which restarts upon server reboot.