Share admin not working with co-admin

As the libraries owner, I can see which library, folders are shared to who in the menu Share Admin - Libraries or Share Admin - Folders. However, my co-admin cannot see that information. He always gets the message “You have not shared any folders”, even he was the one to share folders.

So, since he is the one sharing folders, should he see the list of shared folders? Is that a bug here? or something am I missing in any setting?

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This is not bug. Only the the library owner can see the list of shared users/groups in the share admin page. You can cheat the semantic of share admin page as: “Show all the sharing information of my owned libraries”

That explains. However, now when I transferred those libraries to my co-admin, he is the owner now, in Share Admin - Folders still not showing anything. Only new shares appear there. I assumed Seafile should show all current sharing information, right?

If you transfer a library to a new User, the share will be removed.

All the shares will be removed? So, will my co-admin need to share again?

Yes, only for this library.