Share files to users is not possible

Hey guys,

we are running seafile server pro @ version 6.1.9 in multi-tenant mode. We just upgraded from 6.0.8 and now we face the problem, that users can’t share files to other users. Some weeks ago we created a new tenant and an account for testing. The user created a second account for his colleague. The second person is able to log in with these credentials. We already got sure that both accounts were created within the same tenant.

The problem is that no user is able to share a file to the other user. The box where you can type in the name of the user stays empty. Also when you navigate to the admin panel and click on “users”, no user is shown.

This is the first time we experience this problem.

Could you please help?

What information do you need to get the problem solved?


today i got the same issue with a non admin user. With my Admin account it works fine.
The behavior is the same with yours when i use a normal user and try to share a folder of it.

Did you resolve this problem?

In my admin panel i see all users correctly.
The box where you can type in the name of the user stays empty, but when i write the whole E-Mail-Address it shows me the selectable user (it shows Username and Mail-Address).

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