Share links with go fileserver not working


Seafile Pro 9.0.16 on CentOS 7.

2 weeks ago I enabled the new go fileserver on our seafile cluster. Everything seems to be running fine, until a user complained, that her share links don’t work anymore. When opening a link, the web browser throws the following error:

PDF.js Version 2.10.377 (build: 156762c48)
Unexpected server response (400) while retrieving PDF "https://seafile.server/seafhttp/files/8b1d83c4...File.pdf"

I tried this with several browsers, but she was right. Because she was the only user complaining, I didn’t see the real cause of the problem. On one of the cluster servers I disabled the go fileserver and suddenly her links were working again, when using this single server. So in the end I disabled the go fileserver on all servers and the problem was gone.
Do you have any idea what could have caused the problem?


Hello @uosseafile , does this filename contain special symbols and can you show this shared filename?

yes the path contains umlauts:
/Stand Präsentation iDerm/Nummer4.pdf

Hello, @uosseafile , is Stand Präsentation iDerm a folder and Nummer4.pdf is the file in this folder? Is web browser throws the error url like: “https://seafile.server/seafhttp/files/8b1d83c4/Nummer4.pdf”?

Yes, exactly. I looked this up in the database table “share_fileshare” in seahub-db.

Hello @uosseafile , after testing, I am not experiencing problems accessing the shared link when using go fileserver. Can you provide more detailed information on this? Since seafhttp returns 400 on error, and go fileserver will set the body of the http request when it returns 400, are you able to view the specific error message in the returned body through the browser’s development mode?

I enabled the go fileserver again on one node and the error ist back. Can I send you the Chrome debug files directly?

Hello @uosseafile , yes, yon can send it to