Shared libraries with similar/equal names generate conflicts with the Drive client

I experienced some problems lately where if a member of a group shares a library with the same name as one of mines (say he shares “My music” and I happen to name mine just like his) the S drive will display both of them on the root as “My music” and “My music (2)” which is quite confusing.

It would be cool to be able to split user libraries and shared libraries into two different drives say “Seafile (S:)” and “Seafile shares (T:)” where “T” will contain a tree with usernames at the top and shared libraries on them. Something like this:

Meanwhile the drive “S” should remain with the same structure, but without the shares on them. This behaviour could be toggled on/off if the user wants to.

I hope the seafile team considers this as a viable option. Thanks for reading.


Same applies for webdav.


This is in our plan already. But not exactly the same as what you proposed. We plan to organize libraries into a few top folders, like “Mine”, “Shared”, “Groups”.

Nice. But what if you have two users that share their “Camera” library with you? it seems like we’re back to the same problem :confused: you will end up with “Camera” and “Camera (1)”. I know that having each shared library moved two folders down the tree can clutter up things, but you could make that an optional thing, idk.

I think that the seafile community will highly appreciate that you guys share your decision making with us, and even more so on these kinds of things, where the criteria is pretty much personal preference. Thanks fo the response.

We can consider adding another level inside “shared” folder, named with the sharer.


This is very bad user interface, where all libraries are splitted between subfolders! Better is to make them unique using numeric suffuxes: “Nonuniquelibname”, “Nonuniquelibname (1)”, “Nonuniquelibname (2)” or owner name as suffix.

So please give back old mode, refer to !


Better solution for equal names that numbers - add suffix with owner login to shared libraries, eg: My library, My library (bob), My library (alice)

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