Shared Library is locally gone and not re-syncing after deleting it in Explorer

Hello everyone,

we are running a multi-tenant SeaFile Server with multiple customers in it.
One of them now reported an issue, which we could reproduce, with the SeaDrive extension in the Windows Explorer.

First, I created a library in my account (ex. User A), which I then shared with User B.
User B has read and write permissions on my library. (Read-only produces the same issue)
User B has the SeaDrive client installed, so they can access the library in their Windows Explorer.
They can delete the library-folder in their Windows Explorer at “Shared with me” (translated from original German text: “Für mich freigegeben”).
This does not delete the library in the actual SeaFile Server, however the library is not visible locally in the Explorer for User B anymore.
Re-assigning the permissions to User B does not make the Library visible.

Is there any workaround or is this an actual bug in the SeaDrive Software/SeaFile Server?


Logging out the account and re-login should re-create the folder.

That solution worked to get the library back in the local explorer.
Is there anyway to prevent users from deleting the library locally at all?
Atleast for as long as they don’t have delete-permissions on the library?

In 2.0.21 version we’ll disallow deletion of shared library folders.