Shares gone from time to time


we are running a Seafile Server 8.0.12 Prof. and sometimes shares to a folder disappear.
If this happens I re-apply the shares to users and to groups and sometimes they are gone again.
To date, we have not been able to identify the circumstances in which this is happening.
Users working with the files use the web interface as well as Seadrive clients.

Does anybody have an idea how we can isolate the problem?

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just wanted to add that we are running Seafile behind a Web Application Firewall and still didn’t found a hint to the source of the problem.
Any ideas?

Where does Seafile store the sharing information? Is this stored in the database or in the filesystem?

I think datatabase, it sounds logical, but I say this on no authority.
I’ve only seen conf files and data blocks on fs, no shares, don’t even know what they look like :slight_smile:

Shares I ment when I share a folder in Seafile to other users or groups.

Yeah I know I meant aI haven’t seen them on fs so they must be in database.

We still face this issue from time to time and can neither identify the root cause nor a temporal pattern of occurrence.

Does anybody have an idea for a possible strategy to pinpoint this problem?

Can you check seafile.log for any error mesage?