Sharing a library as a folder does not function


On Seafile pro 6.2.8,

If i share a library as a folder (drop-down menu)

And i select to top level folder as source (Library level)

The library is not shared to the group

Normal library sharing (icon) is functionnal, on the other side



That‘s not a feature to share a library, with this Feature it‘s possible to granulary define permissions for shared sub-folders

For example:

You share the Library 1 with these sub-folders:

  • Folder 1
  • Folder 2
  • Folder 3

and every user has only read access and just one specific user should be able to have read and write permissions on Folder 2. You first have to share the library to all users with read-only and then use the feature, you’ve mentioned.

I suppose so, but giving the feature on the top of a library may be confusing.
All the process is done right, but the share is not correct and the users do not know about it.
I think that it is a “design” bug, @daniel.pan

I don’t think that this is a big problem, maybe it should be called different or we add a description to this specific pop-up.

I agree,

the option below (/) should not be possible

This can be removed in a future release.

You mean the whole Feature? If so, please don’t

No, I don’t think the devs will remove the wholde feature, wich we also use intensively.
Thank you, @daniel.pan

Just want to get sure :wink:

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