Sharing *.odt files : option "edit in the cloud" missing


on pro 7.11 version, i noticed that when sharing LibreOffice files (*.odt), the option “Edit in the cloud” is not available, whereas it is available for *.docx files.

This is not dependant for OnlyOffide config ion seahub_settings, because *.odt files are listed in then extension managed by OnlyOffice.

Can you confirm that, @daniel.pan ?

I supposed you missed an extension when providing the option. You should enable it for all listed in sehub_setting.


It is true.

As we support several online office solutions, only the common types that supported by these solutions are enabled with edit in the cloud. Otherwise the maintenance cost is high as we need to check several combinations to make sure the interface work as expected.

Ok, i understand.

But if you build the link on seahub_settings (OnlyOffice or collabora settings) with file extensions, you do not need to code it, right ?

Yes, it is.