Should I be able to stream videos without having to download the entire file first?

Should I be able to stream videos without having to download the entire file first?

Whenever I open a video file, it my player waits until the entire file is downloaded. A similar thing happens with ISOs; they mount in Windows, but Windows sees them as corrupted until fully downloaded. I don’t recall either of these being problems when using something like SMB or Google Filestream.

What should I expect?

Seafile is Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solution.
Seafile has some multimedia capabilities, but it is not a streaming service.

Sorry, I don’t think I was clear. I mean stream the blocks, similar to how SMB (Samba) works. I don’t mean like a streaming service.

Filesystems that can stream the blocks allow files to be opened with being completely downloaded.

Mine works that way: I never need to download the entire file before playing music or video. I have my server running on Centos 7 (and I’ve also had success using Debian 10, Centos 8, and FreeBSD). At the moment I have Debian 10 and Fedora 32 clients.

Are you using the v1 or v2 client?

It wasn’t clear, are you running Windows or Linux clients?

I’m running Linux: Seafile Server 7.1.5 on Centos 7. My desktop OSs are Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20.04. I’ve tried Fedora 32, but I had a few issues with that (but that’s probably to do with my network card, not the Seadrive client). Seafile Drive Client 2.0.5 and Seafile Client 7.0.9.

This issue is client-related. I’ve setup SeaDrive now I want to use it as a replacement for SMB. When using it on debian videos start immidiately (~6Gb files, 4k 60Hz), on Windows it first downloads the whole file. This should be fixed on windows.

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