Should I use F-Droid instead of Google Play for Seadroid?

I just noticed that Camera Upload hasn’t been working the last 1-2 months on my Android phone. Before it had been working perfectly (I helped test the fix in 2.2.25 that resolved issues with that). Now I noticed that me phone seems to be permanently stuck on “Upload Info: Scanning”. I was thinking of filing a GitHub issue, but then noticed that while 2.2.34 is the latest release on the Google Play store, there’s actually been two more recent releases, and 2.2.34 was also released on Google Play quite late. It seems F-Droid was updated much more quickly and regularly. Now I wonder if I should try to switch?

So my question for the forums: is F-Droid the preferred and advised way to install Seadroid?

If so, then I’m also wondering if I can transfer my settings over somehow? Or would I need to completely reconfigure the client (and let all images resync)?
I’m also wondering whether, if F-Droid is preferred, this shouldn’t be indicated more clearly on the Seafile website.

Update: after several hours, I’ve gone from scanning to a claim that things have been synced, even though nothing of the 2 months worth of content was uploaded. So my question still stands.

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i am having similar issues. any resolution?