Show EXIF information for images

Hello seafile-team and community

I have an idea for viewing images in seafile:
I would really like to see the exif information of my images in seafile when opening a picture.
It would be great to see for example “Date taken”, “Dimensions”, “Camera model”, “F-stop”, “Exposure time”, “ISO”, “Focal length”, …
It would also be great to see the gps information (if available) and maybe automatic generate a google maps link to the position
In the best case, the admin could also show some of this information (definable) in the List-View of a directory



This could be added when working on file details display option.

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Are there already some tasks planned for the community edition?

@daniel.pan Are there?

I’m not Daniel but according to the roadmap no. And I also thinks it’s unlikely.

We don’t have such a plan yet.


This could be a global feature for all files, with Dublin Core metadata schema (15 properties) and, only for images, adding EXIF technical metadata.

Please do not use google maps for this. We use our own private cloud data platform but then give away our freedom to google… Please use

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Hi Daniel,

since your last statement was 1 year ago, i kindly ask if there are any plans now (also for the community edition)?
I really would like to see the exif details of images (“Date taken”, “Dimensions”, “Camera model”, “F-stop”, “Exposure time”, “ISO”, “Focal length”, “GPS-Position”, …) in a detailed view. This would allow you to sort images e.g. by “Date taken”, which is very useful if the filenames do not refer to the date.

BR and thank you for your great work! :grinning:


We still have quite a few pending tasks. Showing EXIF information is not in our plan yet. Event we show the information in detailed view, you can’t sort files based on these fields.

As far as I understood he wanted to do that manually.

Yes and no.
It would be nice to see these information in the details view and it would be great to see it in a column when the folder is displayed as List, although sorting the list by different columns will not work, due to dynamic loading of them.