Show File-history in bytes option or change?


When i click history, to check the history of a file, most files in my case are around 4-5k to 10MB file size. At some point, in file size, the history page going from showing the filesize from bytes, to MB… might be kB on the line there, but not shure yet…
Many cases, i need to look after small changes, in bytes, or might be 2-3kb on a 7-9MB size file. And if the file saying 7MB, i cant tell any different of all. Is there any options to turn on to always show bytes in filesize?

Any ideas on this please?

It’s not possible

Why is this not possible?
Seafile is showing bytes before a fixed size on the file, why not at all time? Or at last in kB or something.
Droopbox and other systems have.

It obviously is possible but there is no such option. Your question was, if there is and I denied it.

And no plans for this?.. Why is there an history option, if it is not possible to tell the difference of an file, that have been rewritten 20 times a day, and all saying 9MB, but all have different content, where i get a clue on the correct filesize of what i need to restore!

Try to find the source and modify it. Don’t think that’s a extreme effort.