Show page numbers and allow to set page size and filter by date in library snapshots + history for folders

I have libraries with a lot of activity and my history set at 90 days. Currently the webpage for snapshots only has a “Next” link at the bottom and a fixed 100 entries per page. Navigating to a certain date and time is cumbersome.

Could you please add the following controls for the snapshots page to aid navigation:

  • allow to set the page size to something else other than 100
  • allow to input a date and/or a date range
  • show all page numbers at the bottom (rather than just Previous/Next).

Could you also add a “History” entry for folders? You added one for files only.

Cheers, and keep up the great work!


In addition, it would be great if I could search for a file name (or folder name) in the snapshot history page, to return only those snapshots where that particular file/folder was changed.


It would be great having a button next to the file/folder where I could see the changes for my #days of history.

I second the request for having a folder history.

Use case:
macOS is known for presenting whole folders as a single file to a user. (Especially, but not limited to, apps.) Restoring an older version of such a “file” (that Seafile recognizes as a folder only) can range from tedious (with a moderate number of files in that folder) to nearly impossible (with large numbers of files inside), and in any case it is quite error prone.