Single sign on (SSO) issue on Manjaro

Problem description

I installed seafile-client with yaourt and successfully started the program into the account setting page. Then I clicked single sign on and typed in the server url. But after I clicked ok, the window closed and the expected single sign on page did not appear.

Additional Info

When I was at the account setting page, I can find process named seafile-applet with ps -aux | grep seafile but after single sign on this process disappears.
The seafile server should be OK since I can use SSO on clients on both Ubuntu and Windows.

What I expect

Any suggestion that can make the software run properly with SSO.

IS UNSECURE AND DEPRECATED Please use pikaur or yay

That are officially supported OSses. You use a community built client on an Operating System that is not officially supported by the AUR. For better AUR compatibility you should use real Arch, or Antergos.

You should expect nothing. That is a unofficial build, so it’s not Seafile’s fault if it doesn’t work. And I as an AUR maintainer myself, I ignore Manjaro users and their weird problems mostly. You should try to compile manually, hopefully it’ll work after. Then you could propose to use these link flags in the AUR package. You could also try it with real Arch or Antergos, I don’t use SSO.