Single sign on (SSO) with CAS

We are searching for a possibility to integrate a SSO routine in our webapplications.
Is there a way to integrate such a SSO functionality into Seafile?
Any input is welcome :slight_smile:
Thank you

I would take a look at the API

Hi @marcusm
I taked a look but I don’t think that there is functionality provided for web authentication.
Or do I miss something? Thank you

Sorry but i don’t know. The only thing i know is, that the seafile client already has a SSO option built in. If you click on the server address, you’ll be logged in the webinterface with a token. But for this, you would have to look in the code or ask a seafile dev.

Shibboleth (via Apache) and ADFS (directly in Seafile) are already supported as SSO solutions, as you can see in the manual:

I would suspect that CAS in Apache probably doesn’t work to different from Shibboleth, so you could maybe trick Seafile into thinking your CAS authentication was actually Shibboleth. But that would require some tinkering and experimenting, of course.

Ah we’re talking about the Central Authentication Service (CAS), then the API is the wrong place of course.

Hi, I’m interested i the Cas Authentication feature.
If your thoughts are right, i hope @daniel.pan and @Jonathan will consider adding it to the roadmap.

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