Site_root or site_base not working anymore behind reverse proxy with 6.0.3


I just updated my Seafile server from 5.0.1 to 6.0.3 - now the web interface does not work anymore.

From my

SITE_BASE = "https://my.seafile.url/data/"
SITE_ROOT = "/data/"

Now when I go to
I am forwarded to
which obviously cannot work.

Am I missing something or is there still a bug?

PS: Seafile client works - I can also use the web interface if i log in via client when I click on a library and select “show in web browser”. But I cannot do a normal login in the web interface.

yes, there is a new setting LOGIN_URL in 5.0.4 according to

Add LOGIN_URL = 'https://my.seafile.url/data/accounts/login/' and restart seahub should solve your problem.

Hooray! Thanks for the quick reply! It works again :slight_smile:
Next time I’ll make sure to re-check the settings documentation - I only read the migration guide.