Slow connection speed using seafile client

Hi everyone,

I am currently testing seafile CE on a new machine to compare with other services (i.e. Samba). The installation is completely identical to another machine, that seafile is already running on (same script used for installation and configuration).

Both machines are based on Intel x86-64 chipsets and have at least 8GB of RAM.
Seafile is configured to run behind nginx, ssl activatet with 2048bit self signed certificate
Client has “do not check ssl certificate” enabled.

However, on the new machine the Windows and Linux client is a fair amount slower than with the production machine.
For comparison: I can both, read and write at about 80-100MB/s using the client on one machine, but only at about 5-30MB/S on the fresh installation using the exact same files.

Also, after Download the client need considerably long to “verify” that the library is in sync when uploading and takes even longer to put received files on the disk after downloading.

Both machines reach about 90-100MB/s using samba (just for comparison)

What I did so far was:

  • Enable sync on a library and monitor CPU + RAM usage -> no obvious heavy usage of ram or cpu.
  • Monitor log files -> no errors or such
  • Test connection bandwidth with iPerf3 (serveral times) -> ~950Mbit/s
  • Upload/Download files using seahub -> speed rises to nearly 70MB/s

I am a bit stuck right now, because there does not seem to be any obvious reason, why this should happen.
I know that both machines should be able to produce a nearly similar sync speed, but that new machine just won’t work properly.
I know that seafile works great and what it is capable of, so there must be a reason why this one machine is so unbelievably slow.

I’d be happy for any idea to solve this rather strange behaviour.

Best regards

PS: There is no limitation on the firewall on any port, nor is there a routing problem. I had that checked already (and also iPerf provided acceptable results)

Hello Oliver,

maybe this is the issue .



Hi and thanks.

both servers are running on a local network with no dynamic dns, nor portforwarding.
They share the same OPNsense firewall and are plugged into the same switch.

UPDATE: When I checked the CPU usage and system information, I found that samba caused high peaks in CPU speed, where seafile did not cause any change in cpu-speed (that machine ran on powersave mode).
I changed the cpu speed to performance (three times the speed of before), but to no avail.

Interestingly, when I Sync a library, I can see following behaviour:

  1. Client indexes files
  2. Download starts (speed varying from some kb/s to some MB/s), Speed drops to zero before next chunk starts
  3. Download finishes, speed drops to zero.
  4. 25 seconds nothing happens, then library icon turns green.

This keeps me puzzled…

maybe this helps

or hhhhhhh

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or this

You can have a look at two logs: the client seafile.log and the server nginx access log. In the nginx log, you can observe the file syncing http requests, so check the response time etc.