Slow/No response - pipe error: Too many open files

OS: Debian GNU/Linux 8
block-backend: ceph
version: seafile-pro-server_6.3.10_x86-64_Ubuntu

since we added the Real-time Backup Server, we get after some hours sync the error message “pipe error: Too many open files” (seaf-server over 1024 open files)on the primary Seafile Server in the seafile.log and the server response is very very bad.
Increasing “Max open files” to 49152 removes the LogMessage but did not solve the issue over 1024 open files.

what can we do?

best regards Rainer

Hi Rainer,

Did you ever find the root cause of this error? We too are seeing something similar with a Ceph backend.


actually it looks like increasing open files solves the issue, the server load goes back after ~1-2 hours to normal state. Open files from the seaf-serv process goes up to ~2000 - it depends on how many ceph-servers u are using in the background,…

Thank you. Currently we are seeing close to 70,000 open files. This is stemming from elastic search however. I recently found out our Ceph cluster had several OSDs fail and is currently rebalancing. I think that is the root cause. But I will up the number of open files as a backup measure.