Small Bug: embedded pics in md-files

Dear Seafile Team,

I found a small bug with embedded pictures in shared-markdown files. The following behaviour was tested with 7.0.8 PE and 7.0.4 CE.

Here is what I’ve done:

  • create a library
  • upload a jpg to this library and create a markdown file.
  • inside the markdown-file I added the jpg with the function “insert library image”
  • the picture is now shown in the markdown editor
  • If I publish the library as public wiki everything is working as expected
  • If I create a sharing link to the markdown file and open it with another browser it is working as expected.
  • but If I create a download-link for the library and then open the markdown file the picture is not shown.
  • If I try to open the picture-url there is a seahub message “invalid file type”

If I come from a “Directory” it is not working:

Here is the error If I try to open the image-url:

On the other hand If I open the shared markdown file it is working as it shoud:

I hope this helps to solve this minor problem.

Best regards